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Our Story - Big screen

At Real Sports Bar & Grill, our game is your game.

Experience the most thrilling match-ups played out in supersize at Real Sports Bar & Grill, where bigger the better is our mantra. Why? Because we’re derived from the dreams of sports fans like you who dared to want a more brilliant place to cheer for the good guys.

Watch the most exciting moments of your game pulse through our 39-foot HD Big Screen and 199 HD TVs. Sip over 50 beer selections from over 126 draught taps, including a rotating tap. Indulge in 10 award-winning wing flavours and 5 mouth-watering burgers.

Soak it all up in our 25,000 sqft of incredible atmosphere.
Conveniently located beside Scotiabank Arena in the heart of the city’s sports and entertainment district, the energy at Real Sports Bar & Grill is amplified during any big game. We broadcast every sport played on the pitch, court or ice and it’s a guarantee you won’t miss a minute of action.

We’re the #1 sports bar in North America as voted by ESPN. Now you know why.

AT REAL SPORTS, WE BELIEVE THAT SPORT ISN’T A HOBBY; IT’S A RELIGION. It’s the only thing real enough to make a grown man cry. And that’s a-okay with us. We believe the guy in the corner who remembers every game since the day he was born is nothing short of a hero. Or that guy might actually be your sports hero. We understand that sometimes you love your team more than your hubby. (It’s okay; so do we.) We think that a girl who knows how to talk zone defense is hands-down marriage material. WE BELIEVE THAT EVERY PATRON HAS THE RIGHT TO BE SO LOUD, SO SPIRITED, AND SO IN-YOUR-FACE FANATICAL THAT IT’S ALMOST LIKE BEING FRONT ROW CENTRE. That winner’s cheer with high-fives and cold pints, and losers drop tears in their beer. And no matter what they always come back for more. We vow to open our doors and turn on 199 HD screens and 112 taps for every fan who believes that style starts with a well-stitched jersey, THAT THE NUMBER ON THE BACK ISN’T JUST A NUMBER, IT’S A LEGACY AND THAT THEY CAN WATCH THEIR GAME ON A TWO-STOREY HIGH TELEVISION IS A SPORTS FAN’S GIVEN RIGHT. Actually, with the puck or ball the size of a car on the big screen, we can rightfully say it’s even better. WE PROMISE TO MAKE THE DECISION TO PICK WINGS, A STEAK, SANDWHICH OR BURGR HARDER THAN PICKING WHO IS GOING FIRST IN THE DRAFT. That sharing does not happen. Do you share your playbook with the other team? Having food options for every game is as important as having different play options for every team and overtime only means there is time to enjoy one more cold one. And dessert, well, its dessert! Win or lose. WE BELIEVE THAT EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND TINY SPORTS-FAN-IN-THE-MAKING DESERVES A PLACE TO EAT, CHEER, SHOP AND BRAG. WHRE THE LOCALS SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE. WHERE SATURDAY AT 7 ISN’T A TIME. IT’S A DESTINATION, WHERE EVERYONE UNITES FOR THE GLORY OF SPORT AND DREAM OF UNDERDOG VICTORIES KISSING THE CUP. AND ABOUT CHARGING THE FIELD. BECAUSE WE DO TOO. REAL SPORTS IS THE MOST AUTHENTIC SPORTS EXPERIENCE YOU CAN GET OUTSIDE THE RINK, THE COURT, AND THE PLAYING FIELD. WHERE YOUR SPORTS HEROE’S GATHER AND FANS CAN LIVE THE DREAM. AND WE BELIEVE THAT ONCE YOU GET HERE, YOU’LL NEVER WANT TO LEAVE.

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Real Sports Bar & Grill Features:

  • 39-foot HD Screen
  • 199 HD TV’s
  • 126 Draught Taps
  • 10 Wing Flavours
  • 5 Gourmet Burgers
  • 25,000 Sqft of atmosphere

Since Opening Day in June, 2010:

  • We’ve had over 3,000,000 guests pass through our doors.
  • We’ve had over 280,000 reservations.
  • We’ve sold over 304,000 burgers (158,000lbs of beef).
  • We’ve hosted multiple players from the Leafs, Raptors, Marlies and Toronto FC, and many other pro athletes.
  • We’ve charged over 28,000 mobile phones for our guests.
  • We’re the #1 sports bar in North America as voted by ESPN.